Reasonable Accommodation for a Disability is the Law

As the population ages, homeowner association boards and property managers are more frequently dealing with requests from condominium and cooperative owners and residents to accommodate a handicap or disability by adding to or changing the common areas in some way. These requests vary from the relatively simple and inexpensive, such as leveling an uneven step to allow wheelchair access or installing a handrail for support, to the more “politically” complicated, such as providing a handicapped parking space closer to a front or rear door, allowing a washer/dryer in a unit when washers and dryers are prohibited in all other units; or allowing a pet when pets are prohibited. Other requests may be quite expensive, such as installing a stair chair in a common hallway, or installing another secondary means of egress from a unit when the existing one is not easily accessible due to a disability. Read More Reasonable Accommodation for a Disability is the Law